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The Unicorn Prince sets out on an adventure to combat a mysterious presence that threatens the very existence of life on the planet Excelsior Prime. 

An action adventure platformer metroidvania game inspired by the classics.

This is a first chapter and preview prototype special edition intended to present the concept, atmosphere, music and main mechanics for a potentially bigger game.

Demo/Prototype has:

  • Charming Pixel Art/Animations
  • A short, but sweet story with various horrifying and not so horrible consequences based on player actions
  • Block with Shield
  • Punch(Not so great weapon, but cool), Hack n Slash or Use Bow to Snipe Enemies from afar on or off your Unicorn
  • Hunt various animals to gain food resources
  • Camp with your Unicorn to cook various food and sleep that can replenish health, hunger and sleep meters(don't forget to save, heheheeeh*Evil Game Dev Laughter*)
  • RPG Stats and Leveling system
  • One Dungeon plus quasi Murky Woods dungeon(In final game more random  procedurally gen dungeon variants)
  • Random Loot with coin and items
  • Village Liberation Mechanic
  • Full Symphonic Score

Future potential ideas:

  • Romance-able NPC's in every village
  • More Village Quests ex. food provider, hunt and provide food to villages
  • Ancient Map of the world of Excelsior Prime with progression and crossroad waypoint system
  • More locations, More Story that ultimately leads to The origins of the Machine Menace. Past the snowy mountains, past the swamps of doom, past the nuclear waste land,  and into a cyber punk machine world ruled by the descendants of the Magic Guild...
  • Less placeholder art assets, such as castle props etc. 
  • Even more symphonic music plus el bombastico grande finalementissimo!

Feedback is appreciated. 

Will be running some crowdfunding campaigns to see if this is a viable project to continue work on. It has taken me since around Jan. to May here in 2020 full time to make this demo, just to give perspective on the time spent on this game.


Max Robert Arnborg - Art, Animation, Music, Programming

Special Thanks:

John Victor Dahl - Programming

Ludvig Ström - Layout help, Tomas Lundgren - Playtesting and Furnace Bot GFX, Montgomery Webster and moar thx guys!

My Family and Friends for all loving support and help in making these projects possible.

Max Robert Arnborg,

Solo Developer, Max Robert Studios

May. 2020


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UnicornPrinceMM V0.010c Windows.rar 190 MB
Unicorn Prince MM Linux V 0.010c.rar 192 MB

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