Unicorn Prince and The Machine Menace V. 010 Update

A new update!

Change Log:


  • Fixed wizard home save point, if you saved before you wouldn't be able to start again :( 
  • Fixed item belt not updating food or potions in inventory when opening
  • Minor issue fixes


  • Fixed end game if Artorius is dead bug
  • can defeat robots in castle A1b

V. 0.010a

  • Enemies do not level with character making the game much easier, but fairer I suppose.
  • Fixed last cutscene faces gfx
  • Fixed poison not getting destroyed in water on forest level
  • Rats are added to forest
  • dialogue changes
  • Tutorial fixes
  • Cooking menu opacity fixed so you can see which food is selected
  • message trigger fixes
  • small tile changes etc.

V. 0.010

  • Shield - Updated animations
  • Shield works under water to block attacks from bad fish
  • Robot Grunts can be destroyed by pushing them into water
  • Village underground tweaked and added Ratthings there
  •  improved Jidder for slope angle movement, however still some jidder exists for small slopes...
  • Bandits drown in water
  • Added Furnace Bot GFX and credits
  • Small fixes

V. 0.009

  • Added Shield for Blocking Enemy Attacks and Projectiles
  • Tweaked Animations - Faster Unicorn turning and Ledge grab climbing
  • Added new tutorial area at start of game with more tool tips and instructions to guide players
  • Changed level design in beginning
  • Added more props to dungeon beneath cave lake

Still MacOSX doesn't seem to work for people so removing that build for now.


UnicornPrinceMM V0.010c Windows.rar 190 MB
May 30, 2020
Unicorn Prince MM Linux V 0.010c.rar 192 MB
May 30, 2020

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