Halloween Update 1.08B

This update was released on Steam Halloween. Out now on Itch.io

Halloween Update 1.08Spooky Update! Special Halloween Level, New Trick or Treat Tooth Monsters, Secrets, and more

Hello Spooky Teeth,

A new update with enhanced visuals and stuff!

  • 4 new tooth troll monsters, FrankenTooth, Pumpkin, Dracula, and Witch
  • special halloween level (can you find it?) with mini quest, music and spooky scenery
  • 3 new pimp your tooth accessories
  • New explosion visuals, boom!
  • It's raining in Caries Town, moody
  • The skip tutorial is no longer suitable for Youtubers who can't play the game... nyahaha! boom!
  • ...but there are also secrets to be found there in the skip tutorial section...
  • bug fixes and more

Happy Halloween!


AdventureInKingCariesLand1.08BHalloweenEdition.rar 349 MB
33 days ago

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