Adventure in King Caries Land 1.01 update

Hello all you King Caries Lovers, here is an essential update to the game, just re-download the installer and you should be good to go.

Fixed a game crashing bug in Level 9 that prevented oneself from continuing... argh! Very bad caries indeed. Now it should be fixed.

Best regards,

Max Robert Arnborg

Change Log:


  • Crash in lvl 9 exit crash fix
  • analogue left stick for movement works too

V.1.0 (Launch!)

  • lowered damage done by teeth troll to 10
  • pizza slice gives you more food 15 instead of 12
  • added health bar to King Caries boss battle
  • lowered crouch damage to 5 and lower for most enemies
  • overall game should be slightly easier
  • lvl 2 safer starting spot for player


  • fixed crashing bug before lvl 10 (Hopefully ;D
  • split lvl 9 into two parts so caries burger is separate level, better optimisation
  • fixed tutorials wrong button labels! LT instead of L1 etc. :O
  • added hints where el cheato’s room is lvl 1


  • added vibration/force_feedback to xbox gamepad x_input controllers
  • added options menu in start to turn off vibration
  • added tutorial how to open message in lvl 1
  • changed so you can use left mouse button for floss whip
  • music fades in exits in lvl 1 level warp El-Cheato’s Rooms

V. 0.1988

  • reset Floss Whip accessory on new game
  • lvl 3 fix big moving platform not connect to Floss Whip
  • lvl 5 Music Would not Trigger Adventure Hero Music Fixed
  • lvl 5 z_index on grass slopes set to 100

V. 0.1987

  • music intro glitch fix
  • global music player crash lvl 10 Fix
  • floss Whip on Monsters will detach.
  • level Tweaks lvl 8 and 9
  • removed “debug” keys L O and P in game for the future ;) (Go to El-Cheatos instead...)
  • fixed exe icon


KingCariesLandInstaller.exe 344 MB
Mar 24, 2019

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If you do get a game crash on lvl 9 start... you can continue on main menu by choosing continue unless some new random caries bug has appeared <:O