Adventure in King Caries Land 1.02

Yes, king caries land 1.02

some bugs being fixed. That level crash lvl 9 tends to be better with the debugger exported. Man oh man do they like their debugger in Godot engine.

Change Log:


  • Export without debugger tends to crash more often than not thanks to Godot engine… sigh... so debugger is with us, well Unity crashes too…. just so you know, exporting without debugger tends to crash godot engine more often than not.. been there done that. :D
  • up and down is implemented in analogue left controls of course
  • added lvl 9a king caries burger in el cheato….
  • duh duh duh in factory, well obviously you have to crouch… ie attack and move heheh


  • Crash in lvl 9 exit crash fix
  • analogue left stick for movement works too

V.1.0 (Launch!)

  • lowered damage done by teeth troll to 10
  • pizza slice gives you more food 15 instead of 12
  • added health bar to King Caries boss battle
  • lowered crouch damage to 5 and lower for most enemies
  • overall game should be slightly easier
  • lvl 2 safer starting spot for player


  • fixed crashing bug before lvl 10 (Hopefully ;D
  • split lvl 9 into two parts so caries burger is separate level, better optimisation
  • fixed tutorials wrong button labels! LT instead of L1 etc. :O
  • added hints where el cheato’s room is lvl 1


  • added vibration/force_feedback to xbox gamepad x_input controllers
  • added options menu in start to turn off vibration
  • added tutorial how to open message in lvl 1
  • changed so you can use left mouse button for floss whip
  • music fades in exits in lvl 1 level warp El-Cheato’s Rooms

V. 0.1988

  • reset Floss Whip accessory on new game
  • lvl 3 fix big moving platform not connect to Floss Whip
  • lvl 5 Music Would not Trigger Adventure Hero Music Fixed
  • lvl 5 z_index on grass slopes set to 100

V. 0.1987

  • music intro glitch fix
  • global music player crash lvl 10 Fix
  • floss Whip on Monsters will detach.
  • level Tweaks lvl 8 and 9
  • removed “debug” keys L O and P in game for the future ;) (Go to El-Cheatos instead...)
  • fixed exe icon


KingCariesLandInstaller.exe 345 MB
Mar 25, 2019

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